Fiona Camberun

Fiona runs and She is a full-time Property Investor and Trader and loves helping people to solve their property problems. She seeks WIN – WIN outcomes for her sellers and buyers. Unlike agents who list houses, Fiona will often purchase the house (or refer to her buyers list) and relieve the owner of a property that very often has become a burden to them.

She completed formal study with Trump University after an ‘Ah-Hah’ when her home appreciated more than she could have ever saved in her life! Becoming an “accidental Investor” in this way spurred her on to re- focus her life and to establish herself as a real estate entrepreneur. She decided it was time to add financial independence to her existing values of emotional , intellectual, and spiritual independence/inter-dependence.

Previously Fiona worked over the years as a counsellor, community worker, manager, and adult tutor. She brings her passion for holistic living, and of supporting others to improve their well-being, to also include coaching people to attain personal and financial abundance.

Fiona is married to David and they live on the Kapiti Coast with David’s youngest child and their 4 cats.



We work with a clear intention of Win Win outcomes. Everybody WINS or we don’t do the deal.

We are up front about about our professional business role.

We do not pose as “mum-and-dad” buyers.

We do not pretend that we are not in this as a business – and therefore must make good business decisions and a profit.

We also document and disclose our status as investors and traders in our sales and purchase paperwork.

We are currently reviewing the website, if you would like to review our Full Disclosure document please contact us.

Business practices.

No commission for you to pay us.

No obligation to sell to us.

No hidden charges.

We seek WIN-WIN outcomes.

A WIN for the Seller means you receive a fair cash price for your property – and a timely settlement date.

A WIN for us means a fair deal for us or for our buyer.