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Hi, I’m Fiona Camberun and I’m a full-time Property Investor and Trader. I love helping people solve their property problems. I seek WIN–WIN outcomes for both sellers and buyers. With some basic information I can send you a cash offer in just 24 hours.

We are currently buying houses only in the greater Wellington – Hutt – Porirua – Kapiti Coast – Horowhenua region.

Inquiries are welcome from Wellington – Hutt Valley – Porirua – Kapiti – and to Levin.

We are not seeking properties from outside these areas at this time.

If you have a property to sell privately in other regions please contact Key Pro property traders in Auckland or contact your local property investor Club.

Freephone 0800 IBUYHOUSES.

Property Problems I can help with

You have bought another home
So you were lucky enough to find the home that was perfect for you. That’s great! However, the house you left behind has not been sold yet. This is where we can help you! You can stop paying two mortgages! Call us for a fair cash offer now – or a lease and delayed purchase in the near future. Either way, you get the cash drain turned into cash flow again. Contact us now. Stop paying two mortgages – we act promptly.
You have left the area and are an absent landlord
If you have rented out your home, and left the area already for a new job, a new relationship, family reasons or other personal reasons… You don’t have to be a reluctant out-of-town ‘absentee’ landlord! If the reality of long distance tenants, vacancies, and property management puts you off then you don’t need to stress about this! We can offer you real alternatives to ‘landlording’ from a distance. Contact us now. We can act promptly to end the demands of absentee landlording.
You are over tenants and want out of the landlord game and/or your tenants are a nightmare
If you are experiencing the nightmare of bad tenants – sadly, you are not alone. This is a major headache for many landlords and tenant issues drive significant numbers of landlords OUT of renting forever! If you are “over” difficult tenants then give us a call. We have several solutions to help you get on with your life, and get out of this unpleasant and stressful situation. You don’t have to put up with tenants who don’t care for your house or the property, who don’t pay the rent, who annoy other tenants or neighbours and who make unreasonable or constant demands on you. We can help you make stroppy or demanding tenants a thing of the past! Contact us now. We can act promptly to end your tenant nightmare.
A fire has damaged your home
Dealing with a house fire is such a traumatic event. We understand if you are wanting to sell your fire damaged property. Even if no-one was hurt – it is still a terrible shock and a great loss. We sympathize with such a loss – of your own home,  your personal expressions of who you are, the mementos of loved ones and precious times and, sadly, often of a sense of place and belonging. We will respect your feelings and can present alternatives to help you sell your house so you can get on with your life. Contact us now. We will listen to your needs and can offer you several solutions.
You have a vacant house
Has your house been vacant for too long? If so it becomes a real worry. The security of the house can be a genuine on-going concern. A vacant house can also be an expensive house – the rates and insurance still need to be paid! If you have decided that it is not worth the hassle of keeping your vacant house – we can offer you a fair price for it. Contact us now. We can buy your house for a fair price now or lease your house for great terms and a premium price.
Your real estate agent has NOT sold your property
Please call us if your real estate agent has not been able to sell your home. If the listing with the Agent has expired – we are Investors, NOT Agents – so we arenot interested in listing your house again. We’re interested in buying it! If your house is listed with an Agent  – we can negotiate a good outcome for all involved. We can act quickly to offer you a fair market price. We can also provide you with several solutions to your property problem. We are WIN-WIN focused – Because when you win through us – so do we! Contact us now. We can buy or lease your home.
You would rather sell your home and are a reluctant landlord
If you would rather have sold your home but couldn’t due to economic and market conditions, then we can offer you a number of solutions. You don’t have to be a reluctant landlord! We understand that turning your former home into a rental often involves coping with negative cashflow with the need to top up the mortgage, pay maintenance costs, extra landlord insurance costs, property manager costs; or you have to travel to do it yourself. PLUS you may have bought another house so you are paying two mortgages. Do talk to us about the alternatives we can offer you. We can usually make you a fair cash offer. OR We can lease your property with a guaranteed rental, you don’t pay for repairs under $1000, and we buy you out in 2 to 3 years. This suits many property owners. Talk to us about what may suit YOU! Contact us now. We can act quickly to sell your home now or in the near future.
You are about to move city or go overseas
If you need to move – we can take away the worry about selling your home. You have enough to do when relocating – and maybe you have to meet a deadline as well. We can help because we can act quickly on your behalf. We are Investors, not Agents, and we can usually offer you a fair cash price, or leasing options within 24 hours. If you list your property with a Real Estate Agent it will often take some time to sell your home. But we can usually provide you with a cash offer or other alternatives to solve your problem within your time demands. If required, we can also manage the sale process through to completion for you if you have to move immediately. Contact us now. We’ll work within your timeframe and offer you real solutions.
You are facing separation and/or divorce
Separation and divorce can be one of the hardest times in anyone’s life. Those people who haven’t experienced divorce often cannot understand how painful it is, and what a genuine crisis it can be forbothparties. We know there is so much changing in your life with a separation and divorce, and so much to deal with. If this also includes needing to sell your house – and for a fair price -– we can help solve this problem for you.

  • We are investors, we can pay you a fair price for your property – and quickly.
  • Listing your property with a real estate agent can often mean a long wait.
  • You wont pay us a commission either.

You have nothing to lose by contacting us to find out how we can offer you some real alternatives. Contact us now. We can make a fair offer quickly, and also tell you about the other alternatives available to you.

Your house needs repairs
We can buy  your “fixer upper” house – no problem. Don’t spend another cent on it! We are not put off by DIY disasters – or by wear and tear accumulated over time. You do not need to clean up for the sale – either the inside or outside. We will take care of all that so you can focus on getting on with your life. And, with us you don’t have to spend time and money dressing your house for presentation for sale either. We will act quickly to give you a fair price for your house. We can solve this problem property for you with a fair cash offer or alternative options to selling outright. Contact us now. We can have your property sold NOW or leased to a future buyer… fast!
You have inherited a property
If you have experienced the loss of a loved family member, then dealing with selling the home you have inherited can be extremely demanding on you and marketing contracts, open homes and buyer visits are the last thing you need to be thinking about. However, we can assist you by offering you a fair price within 48 hours. Or, if you wish, we can also discuss selling through a delayed settlement. You don’t have to worry about repairs or cleaning up the house or the yard for sale. Contact us now. We can help you sell your inherited home for a fair price in a timely manner.
You are facing a mortgagee sale
If you are facing a mortgagee sale process and have received notification about this – you don’t have much time to save your credit history and reputation, and importantly reduce the inevitable stress on you. Even if this situation has arisen due to genuine reasons – such as redundancy, health problems, job loss and/or other issues out of your control – the sad reality is that the bank or finance company do not take that into consideration. They just want the money paid. But you do have a choice to NOT go down the mortgagee sale path. ASK US HOW! We are real estate problem solvers. We will quickly tell you what solutions we can offer you. We aren’t going to list your house and hope for a buyer. We are investors, not agents. We can usually make a fair cash offer very quickly, or provide a leasing alternative to you. Remember – if you don’t act – this situation is likely to get much worse and way more stressful. We can end the stress and difficulty of a mortgagee sale! Contact us now. Call us now to get this off your back – so you can get back to your life.

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